The life you have led doesn’t need to be the only life you have.
Anna Quindlen(1953-today), American author, journalist

Please note: I'm sorry for incorrect translations, grammar or writing. I hope you can get the points of what I'm trying to say. You can certainly understand, that I don't want to spend most of my travel-time translating my German into proper English. Thank you :)

That's me

I grew up in a small town in the beautiful southern Germany. As a musician in various regional groups (Indie-Acoustic Ensemble, cover bands, big band, opera, gospel choir) or as solo street performer I love to meet new people through the power of music.
After my graduation I discovered traveling for me. Fully organized tours? No thanks. So I decided to take my guitar and a backpack to hitchhike through Europe. I've left the main sites and capitals to travel the coutrysides. I wanted to get direct access to my "neighbors". Dealing with strangers and new things has always fascinated me.

This was also the profession I choosed. I worked over 5 years as an international event manager in one of Germany's largest and most reputable agencies for live communication (  My duties were to create emotional and unique shows, scouting artists, booking artists and handle them. Together with a great team, great clients and exceptional suppliers and artists, I could create inspirational events and incentives all over the globe.

October 23rd, 1987, Germany


Project Manager
Events & Incentives | Entertainment


Vocalist / Guitar / Saxophon


Languages: GER / E / F

That's why

After graduation, employment in various companies and departments I have proved myself that the integration in the German society & economy works for me. It's not that I don't love, what I did before my travel. I don't see mysel as a "drop-out" or a hippie, who wouldn't/couldn't live in a structured system. I've enjoyed living in Germany, I was always happy going to work. And of course, I miss my social milieu of friends, colleagues, acquaintances and family, very much.

Now I have to leave this comfort zone once again to search for new targets and challenges. I had the choice to settle down, facing career, family and more ... or I could discover the world. So I choosed to celebrate the flexibility and individuality that I'm lucky to have. own,  

However, it is very important for me to gain experiences abroad. That's why I take this as an opportunity to learn about people, cultures, countries, nature, reach new perspectives and gain new contacts. I see the journey as an investment in the future, personal training and broadening my horizons.

That's How

My journey is amixture of all sorts of shapes. As flexible as my plans on life, is my journey. Depending on my mood, I'll combine Bbckpacking with traditional holidays, city trips, trekking, relaxing, work/volunteering, educational trips and supporting social projects.

I have a "bucket Llst",  of course. Things that I like to learn on the journey or what I want to see, want to do and create in my life. However, my way is only roughly planned and I'm planning just from town to town. As there are too many things, that should be seen, I also expect to miss some. To think of sights and places too much only tleads o disappointments, I think.

My experience has also shown, that I love hitchhiking. Therefore I can choose the type of transportation very variable. I would be glad, if I can experience as much surface routes as possible and only take the plane, if it's really necessary. The journey should be a good mix of tourist-decadent, low budget, steered through feelings, opportunities and coincidences, continuous change from active phases (trekking) and less active phases. I hope this will serve me the maximum fun and experiences.