EP #5 | We are Schilli's-roadbook!

Before I let you dive into the wonderful world of my next travelogue, I have an urgent personal request, which I would like to share with you.


I would like to take you aside and openly and honestly ask for your support. The next travelogue could unfortunately be one of the last reports of my trip for you and our small internet community ...


And the adventure is far from over!

Those who follow the reports regularly could learn that my camera has already broken down a year ago. In the next report, I'll tell you how unfortunately my action cam chooses to rest in peace. And while I publish this message, the last days of my smartphone and its camera have also begun. It cannot be properly charged anymore and the processor is as good as done (reboot & battery replacement tried unsuccessfully).


Unfortunately, there will be no pictures and videos in the reports in the future, if I won’t get a replacement in the form of a new camera-capable phone or camera, soon.

In addition, I am on the road for almost two years now. Two very fantastic and adventurous years, of which I always enjoyed talking to you.


Of course, those travelogues are not coming completely free of charge for me. End of this month (May 2018) the subscription of the website service provider for schillis-roadbook.com expires. Also, my web space (storage on the internet) is already packed with pictures and videos for you.


In order to be able to provide you with the reports in the usual quality, I have to enter into a contract renewal or extension, which of course is also associated with costs.

For these reasons, I kindly ask you to contribute a little bit to schillis-roadbook.com and my camera equipment. Every support is welcomed with a smiling heart.


As always, I’ll do it quite transparent. To run my travelogues minimally (including pictures) I need about 600 €. As a maximum I set 2,000 € (higher quality equipment, new digital camera, action am, longer contract period of the website, more web space / -service etc. ...).


Of course, I guarantee again that it is the unbelievable case that I do not outlive the budget or the donations exceed all expectations, I will donate the rest of the money to a charitable organization of my choice and the country of my current stay. Of course I will inform you extensively about that.

Of course, I personally carry most of the costs myself. And nothing’s going to change that! But if you decide to support the travelogues, let's say of the value of a visit to the cinema, it is a tremendous help to me!


And it is - as always - very simple. Here you can find my contact and account information. Please provide in the intended use somehow the term "roadbook", so I can assign it accordingly.


Account holder: Marc Schillmöller

Institute: Deutsche Kreditbank AG

IBAN: DE45 1203 0000 1050 0524 53


I'm obviously very curious to see how this small private crowd funding project is progressing and will regularly share updates on the current status. I’ve dated the end of the project on May 31, 2018. But of course, support can be sent anytime.


If you have any questions or comments, I am very happy to read and answer them. You would make me even happier if you share this project with friends and family.


I am very happy that YOU are also a part of this little roadbook and I will be thankful forever.


Have a magical day and enjoy the summer coming! See you soon, your Schilli

Most of the pictures free of royalties from  www.pixabay.com