EP #4 | Birthday at Mt. Everest

Namaste! I am turning to you, not with a report from the past, but with a wish for the future. At the time of publication of this article I’m in Pokhara, Nepal. I was thinking about it for a long time, but finally I decided for a very special experience. To be able to do this, I kindly ask for your help.


In about 2 months I will celebrate my second birthday on this trip. On 23 October 2017 I will turn 30 years old. Incredible, how fast time flies. In order to lend this day special spice, I decided to spend it at the highest mountain in the world. I would like to start the day with a hike to the Kala Patthar (5.545m/18.193feet) and sip an afternoon coffee at the Mt. Everest Base Camp (5.354m/17.566feet). It is supposed to be the highest birthday in my life. Sounds spectacular and fantastic, doesn’t it?


On October 5th, I will have to go to the national park and in 18 days I will trek up the Himalayan mountains. By foot, of course. Various acclimatization phases are to be observed, toes need to be dipped in mountain lakes and some passes are to be passed. On October 22nd, I will stay at the highest teahouse to reach the highest accessible point (For non-expeditions | Kala Patthar) on the next day for sunrise. In only 3-4 days I will then descend to the mountain village Lukla to take one of the most adventurous flights in the world. My visa for Nepal runs out, so I have to take this flight. The Lukla airport has a very short runway, the runway descends and you may fall down the mountain a little before the wings generate enough lift. The plane takes me back to Kathmandu. Or "us"! My friend Narek, whom I met in Abu Dhabi, has agreed to accompany me along the way and to give me good company on my birthday.


Besides the physical challenge, which is obvious, there are other tasks to work out. Since we do not have a guide or porter to join the adventure (too costly), a detailed preparation needs to be done. Gather information about the route, accommodation, weather, altitude sickness and their prevention, logistics, hiking permits and much more. In addition, proper equipment must be taken up the mountain. This gear must be selected, tested and above all paid. In three weeks I will be on a 17-day hike, the famous Annapurna Circuit, which will take me physically forward, will familiarize myself with the altitude and test the equipment. It will therefore take a lot of time, money and attention, but hopefully also brings a lot of fun with it.

A Birthday Present

In order to realize this project, I need your support. First of all, your mental support and all the good wishes that the adventure runs smoothly. But the hiking in Nepal is unfortunately not too favorable. With permission, equipment, bus, flight, accommodation, meals, medication and map material I currently calculate approx. 1.600-1.800 € (USD 1.900-2.200). And here all the cheapest options are already considered. No frills, no luxury, pure necessity. So I would be more than happy, if you can support me financially. Just like a birthday greeting. You can personally help to make my dream of eating a birthday cake at 5.545m above sea level, with a view to the highest point of the world, true. And it is - as always - quite simple. Here you can find my contact and account details. Please give the term "Everest" in the purpose of use, so I can assign it accordingly.


Account holder: Marc Schillmöller

Institute:             Deutsche Kreditbank AG

IBAN:                   DE45 1203 0000 1050 0524 53

BIC:                      BYLADEM1001

With your help, you will send a huge smile of happiness in my face. I will be deeply grateful to you and will not forget this experience. As a little thanksgiving I will send you, already before the publication of my travel reports here in my online diary, my experiences in the highest mountains of the world with hopefully beautiful pictures and breathtaking videos. By e-mail and / or Whatsapp I will share my adventure with you as soon as an internet connection prevails. If you have more ideas, how I can thank you, then please let me know. I am very excited about it. I also guarantee the following: If the case occurs, that I do not spend the budget or the donations exceed all expectations, I will donate the rest of the money to a non-profit charity organization of my choice here in Nepal. I will of course also extensively inform about this. I am obviously very curious about how this small private crowdfunding project runs.

I will regularly share news on the current state.


That was it from my side. If you have any questions or comments, I am very happy to read and answer them. Of course you would make me even happier if you share this with friends and family.


I sincerely thank you and wish you a fantastic day. See you soon, your Schilli

Most of the pictures are free of licences from www.pixabay.com