E #3 | Everything else is bonus | 7th day

What an amazing first week! I’ve made so many good experiences, that I can return home, without feeling sad. I'm not doing it, of course. I have met some great, extraordinary people, swam in the sea, shot underwater photos, visited attractions, went hiking, seen several concerts and shows, spent time with locals and made music with new friends. So far, I’m totally satisfied.


Everything what comes next is bonus! =)


After a very entertaining flight I was finally there ... time pressure, deadlines, obligations, expectations of me and through me, are now past. And what the city had prepared for my reception, was way beyond! After taking the bus to the city center, stages were build everywhere to honor me. Atists from different genres performed throughout the city. Well, maybe not to honor my arrival…but I just arrived at the right time, as the city celebrated a three-day street art festival.

After I established the first contacts in the central Hostel, I was strolling round the city and enjoyed art from every kind. Heraklion is a good starting point. Not only logistically, but also because the city should be rather unexciting and not very interesting compared to the island well. But I don’t care, I'm satisfied. So everything that comes next, will be even better. With Peter from Slovakia, who is in his seventh week in Crete, I’ve explored the city and we got in contact with locals very easily. A bunch of guys invited us to a nice open air venue at the coast, were we danced to elektronic music. As the hostel closes the doors at 01:00 a.m., we got back. Unfortunately, the hostel needs a few improvements. In a circle of Uruguayans, Muscovites, Americans, Australians, Greeks, Argentines, Slovaks and me, the German, we talked a few hours and sang together.

The next day was really impressive as well. I woke up at 7 a.m. and joined 3 Americans to visit the ancient site of Knossos, the ruins of the Minoan palace, wich is supposed to be the oldest civilized society in the world. That was really cool and interesting. And again, I was really happy of having a guided tour. Otherwise, we would’ve only been struggling with the heat of the sun and - affected by the heated stones - even worse. After we visited the archeological site, we spend some informative time in the archaeological museum and we went to the beach.

In the last years I‘ve spend most of my holidays in northern countries. So I was just jumping in the North Sea, Baltic Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. So the temperature of the turquoise blue of the Aegean Sea fascinated me. The beach is located just next tot he airport, so the planes we’re just preparin for the landing in 50 to 100m above

sea level just in front of us. Not romantic or relaxing at all, but interesting and impressive. With a group of the hostel we recently went to see the soccer match Germany-Italy regarding the Euro-Cup. Thanks to my roomates I barely survived it. I’m not into Soccer at all, but that was really exciting


Although I’m Chania for 3 days already, I have not seen much of it. It is very beautiful, but a visit tot he city center, was not necessary. I’m living in a hostel, just outside the city in a small village. Well actually it is a hotel, but it also offers a shared room. A Ukrainian girl who had contacted me via Couchsurfing.com had brought me there. And I arrived there, I was integrated directly into a wonderful community of nice ladies from Prague, Australia, Canada and Ukraine. Together we visited a concert of an outstanding Cretan funkband. And, again, the singer invited me to join him singin „Hit me baby one more time“ from Britney Spears in funkstyle. It was so funny. George, the hotel owner had recommended us this concert and he was so kind to bring us back to the hotel afterwards. The Greek wine has ensured a good nights sleep.

The next day, we rented a car and drove to Elafonisi. There lies the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen in my life. But first, the road led us through mountains and valleys. Crete has mountains up to ~ 2,500m heights. I really have to climb up there. We passed beautiful valleys, mountain passes and wonderful climbing routes (for you dear Moritz). We were one of the first guys on the beacht. It was incredibly beautiful. Crystal clear water, perfect cool temperature and a fascinating landscape, just behind a mountain range. A dream. The girls and I did not miss to test the underwater feature of my camera, extensively.

We had so much fun with it. We’ve walked to a nearby island, it’s been possible due to the water level, on which we discovered a beautiful natural phenomenon. Due to a particular species of shellfish, the beach is coloroud in slight pink.


After I obviously got sunburned, we drove to one of the many caves in Crete and spend there a few nice moments, before we drove back to our hotel. Unfortunately the girls have to leave today, But I have already the committment of a Canadian Girl, to go hiking with me tomorrow. I'll probably die in the heat with my sunburn, but it’sd going to be really exciting and beautiful in Samaria Gorge, one of the largest canyons in Europe, located in Crete's largest natural park.

All in all, the Greeks are very nice people. At least the Cretans that I got to know so far are very helpful, outgoing and interesting. Many Cretans are indeed very proud of their island, but some of them dislike the connection to Greece. I have the impression that a Crexit of Greece would be a good idea. But I know nothing.


Greetings, Schilli


- During the soccer match I realized how much the Greeks like Germany: not that much.

- For 6 days, I’ve not seen a single cloud.

- Currently I use in my daily budget to 132%...shit…=).

- Good persuasion does not help against sunburn.

- I have nowhere seen a concentration of so many beautiful women. The rate is almost exclusively pulled down by tourists.

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