E #2 | Final Preparations

Preparing a long term trip is just insane. Laws must be observed, insurances have to be checked, zeroed or

completed. As closer the departure day comes, the more concious do you get of the countless things that has to be done.


It’s really helpful, that the global community on the internet offers several blogs, info pages and aids. Although, each individual travel, in the first line is individually. There can be no guide, wich suits all your needs. Chatting with experienced travelers can help to get a clearer picture of how your own travel may looks and feels like. Of course, in this kind of traveling there can be no complete preparation or a personal master plan. And that's indeed the charme of it. My preparations are good, so far.

As beening well prepared, I could focussing the enyoing parts of leaving: meeting your favorite people to say goodbye. There was of course the festival, of which I wrote in the first article. In addition, however, I was able to travel to Germany and meet more people.


Hamburg, for example, was terrific. I met on of my best mates, who is studying in Copenhagen, Denmark. I had to have the great privilege of having hotel vouchers and we spend four wonderful days in Hamburg. A hotdog at the harbor, a karaoke evening and a harbor cruise are definitely things I recommend. A great city with great people and a private, interesting and sympathetic flair.

After Hamburg, I went tot he Alps, to Kitzbühel. Well, you're right, Kitzbühel is not Germany. But the northern tip of Austria don’t give me no cultural shock. Here I have spend beautiful days with my former roommate and one of my best mates, too. As a passionate climber and mountaineer, my former roommate was calling me extreme experiences and encouragements. Incredibly beautiful experiences which gave a perfect finish to one of our last times together.


Rock climbing in the Kaiser mountains asked me for balance, forces and moderate mind-set. It was very challenging, but with a climbing route in difficulty 5+, I could move my level even slightly upwards.


Total outstanding was the fixed rope route in the Kitzbühel’s Alps, it’s based on the Morocco Mountain and it‘s a totally great experience over the 2.000m. As a novice relates with fixed rope routes, I was very curious, how I can manage it with my stature and how I react to the heights. It was challenging, exhausting but also irreplaceable wonderful. We even met an installed cable bridge over 20m length.

After hours of climbing over exposed edges, we reached the summit. We were pretty lucky to manage it before a storm with gale and hail came over. Packed with steel carabiners, on a rock connected to a cable, you better get in no thunderstorm. So it was perfect timing, as always.


And so bad could my climbing performance may not have been, because two weeks later, my flatmate invited me to my first multi-pitch tour in the Danube valley, on the 90m high „Stuhlfels“. The climbing fever grabbed me a bit, too. Let’s see if I’ll find some nice spots to climb on my travels.

So these are the highlights of my last weeks in Germany. And now? Well…it’s getting serious. I'm on the road. I write these lines straight out the aircraft to Crete, my first stop will be Greece. Thanks to all who have spend time with me in the last few weeks! I already miss you all.


In a few days, I’ll write how I experienced them and wich highlights happend after I’ve landed in Heraklion. Stay tuned!



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