E #1 | Schilli's Farewell Festival

What could be an appropriate topic to start this travel blog? Clearly; the farewell party. Well, farewell party it is not quite true. As I have friends who are willing to do more than a simple evening with greetings and kisses, I decided to organize my own little festival.


Due to my profession as an event manager and to my contacts to musicians, I’ve rented

a big area next to a river in northern Baden-Württemberg. Close to a nature reserve we were undisturbed - of course in full respect to nature and animals – to celebrate.

So I have planned as usual, booked things and invited guests. Unfortunately, what no one could expect, a devastating natural disaster hit the sourrounding of the venue. A huge storm came by and destroyed villages and families (VIDEO). So everything was unclear, just a few days before the festival should start. Colleagues and acquaintances have lost their homes or have become uninhabitable through mud and debris and roads have been destroyed. But after much back and forth, in collusion with firefighters, Mayor & District Office, yard and other important facilities, I have decided to make it happen. I should not be sorry.

Almost 80 people have joined me, on the first weekend in June, and given me the opportunity to say goodbye. In bombastic weather

(relatively speaking), we were able to use the festival area in all its facets. We could even enjoy a swim in the river, who was three times its normal level. The program was designed by the guests themselves. So there was a diverse line-up of solo musicians, bands, gospel choir, dance contest, DJ, quiz show, flunkyball, speedminton and more. From early morning until early in the next morning we were dancing, playing, making music, had barbeque, laughed, celebrating. Just as you now it from music festivals. At night, I’ve illuminated the place like a fairytale forest…it was magical.

It’s been a very emotional weekend for me. To know how many efforts my friends did, just to celebrate with me, was overwhelming. Whether from Hamburg or Cologne, an insanely cool group from different areas of my life came together. The dynamic of the group was unbelievable. Love, tolerance, joy, respect, taste and sense of community, my guests are awesome. What really amazed me, is that I not just finance the festival itself through small contributions of my guests, but also make a donation to the victims of the natural disaster. A win-win situation.


So I want you thank you, my guests. I’m so happy that the stress and the risk in the preparations for this emotional, lovely and extraordinary experience, have been worth it. I will never forget.


So that he was, my first blog post. I hope you like it. Best regards, Schilli

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